Choosing the right windows for your house

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Replacing the windows in your home can be an expensive and time-consuming thing to do, however, by selecting the right windows for your home you will be able to replace your old windows with new, energy efficient ones.

As we all know, a big project like this one can be overwhelming, since there are various styles, materials, and features to choose from. Since this is a big investment, doing some research before making a decision can save you a lot of nerves in the future.

One of the first things you should decide on is whether you should get new or replacement windows, and here is the difference between the two:

1. New windows – new windows are usually put in place when you want to change the shape or size of the window opening and put a completely new window in place. It will require the work of a contractor in order to complete the installation and fix the carpentry around it. Generally, new windows do not cost more than replacement windows, but the cost of the contractor might add to the price.

2. Replacement windows – installing replacement windows involves removing old ones without destroying the surroundings and replacing them with new windows. Windows replacement cost around the same amount as new windows, but do not require as much labor, hence the price is lower.

Window Styles

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Once you made a decision between new or replacement windows, the next choice you will have to make is the style or type of window you would like for your home. The four basic types are:

1. Single or Double Hung Windows – these types are the most common windows that are installed. They have two separate sashes, which open and close by sliding them up or down. A single hung window opens from the bottom only by sliding it up, while the double-hung window can be opened either from the top or the bottom.

2. Casement Windows – these windows are made of one large sash that opens by swinging out. There is usually a lever or another mechanism that will allow you to open this type of window.

3. Awning Windows – these windows are hinged at the top, and are usually opened by tilting the window out from the bottom. As the name says, awning windows create the look of an awning when they are opened. This type is popular in coastal areas, as well as in bathrooms.

4. Slider windows – as the name suggests, these windows slide open from side to side and are a perfect choice when there is limited space outside for the window to be opened.

Window Frame and Sash Materials

Now that you have chosen the style of the window, the next thing to do is choose the material of them. The most popular choices are wood or vinyl. Aluminum frames are also available, but they are not as energy efficient as wood or vinyl.

1. Wood windows – wood has the ability to resist cold and heat, and in addition, it is beautiful. However, you should keep in mind that wood will involve a lot of maintenance, which includes periodic painting.

2. Vinyl windows – choosing vinyl home windows is great if you do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining them. It provides great insulation, is cheaper, and it looks great.

Choosing the Window Glass

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Choosing the right window glass means that you will be able to get better insulation, as well as protection during specific weather.

1. Low Emissivity Glass – Low-E glass is a type of glass with a microscopically thin layer of material on the surface which actually reduces the amount of heat that can flow through the glass.

2. Impact Resistant Glass – while hitting this glass with a baseball bat might cause it to crack, it will most likely not shatter and spread glass all over your house. The greatest benefit of it is that during extreme weather, it will hold up and not break.


While choosing windows for your home might be overwhelming, it is necessary in order for them to be more energy efficient and sustainable. One advice that you should consider is that while you are changing your windows, you could consider door replacement as well.

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