Decode My Dream: My House Is On Fire!



“I had a dream last night that my family and I were over my grandmother’s
house (I live there with my grandma). My cousin and I were talking in the living room, and a blanket that was over the heater caught on fire. We rushed into the kitchen and screamed for everyone to get out. Everyone was luckily outside in the backyard when the fire broke out, so everyone got out safely. We stood back, and watched as our family’s home went up in flames. The fire started to flare, and we started running down the block. When we stopped to rest, we were all excited that we got out without harm. Then I started crying frantically because I realized I left my dog behind. I awoke in a cold sweat before I knew what to do next. What does this mean?” – Up In Flames

What a relief it must have been to wake up and discover your home, family, and dog alive and well! Dreams that take place in houses, especially familiar houses, usually represent “self.” This dream seems to be about you and your relationship to your family. Just based on how you reacted in your dream, I can tell that your family is very important to you. But you are going through some changes, and you seem to be wondering how it will affect your bond with them. Of course you were devastated about leaving your dog behind in the dream, because dogs are loyal and love their owners unconditionally. Perhaps you are questioning if your family loves you unconditionally.

Fire is a powerful but often positive dream symbol. Fire destroys things, but it also cleanses and purifies. It can signal a new beginning in your life or at least the end of an explosive or disruptive period. But once the flames burn through all the old stuff, there will be some great, new things waiting for you. However, you may be scared that the “you” that rises from the ashes will be perceived differently by your family than the childhood “you.” In your dream, the fact that you all escape unharmed in the end seems to indicate that deep down inside you know that everything will be fine in the end.

A word of advice: Your family will always be part of you no matter what. But try to decide what’s best for you without worrying what they will think. Don’t panic about the next step, follow your heart and let them know that you love them unconditionally.

Original by Ami Angelowicz

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