Finally, The Donald Trump Portrait Made Of 500 Dicks You’ve All Been Waiting For

Wendy Stokesby:


Not much to see here folks, just a portrait of Donald Trump made by many many different dicks formed into a glorious mosaic of peen.

Lest we think of Trump’s actual dick (sorry), these all seem to be random and anonymous ones. Perhaps taken from porn, or maybe some sent to women unsolicited. Who really knows!

Of course it was all made digitally. The artist’s statement (artist is Tumblr user ‘Homo Power’) is beautiful:

Someone once made a photo mosaic pic of conservative republican politician Rick Santorum using porn images. I thought I’d go one better, in lieu of SNL letting him host last night. I give you a pic showing what Donald Trump is really made of. This is a high-resolution photo mosaic of Trump made with 500 dick pics.

Bravo, pal.

[Death and Taxes]

Original by Katrin Higher

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