Did Meghan Markle Make A Mistake Marrying into Royal Family?

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Women who marry into royal families often don’t realize what they have gotten themselves into until the day of the wedding when the full force of ceremony and tradition hits them in the face. When Meghan Markle walked the aisle last year during her wedding, everyone was studying her face looking for that expression of bewilderment, but she seemed confident enough. However, there are rumors floating around that she may since regretted her decision.

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Lisa Wilkinson, a host of the Australian popular TV talk show The Project, said that she thinks Meghan married into the wrong family. The statement came as a shock since it is very unlikely to hear such thing even in the United States, let alone in a member of British Commonwealth and a country that officially recognize Queen Elisabeth as the head of the state.

Wilkinson claims that the Royals will hold Meghan back, preventing her from achieving much in life. Many people wonder if there any truth to Wilkinson’s words.

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While she has been a member of the royal family for a year, much of that time was spent adjusting to the new way of life. Meghan’s pregnancy only added to the chaos of her new life, preventing her from having a greater impact. She may already be in trouble with the Queen since she traveled to the United States without seeking her permission, which is customary for all members of the royal family. Her business ventures may also be a problem. However, as Meghna continues to act as she would normally, these things will become normal and nobody will be scandalized over them. Hopefully, even the Queen will eventually accept them as normal and things will settle down, rather than create new problems for the Windsor’s.

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  1. Avatar Darlene says:

    I think if people try to be a little bit more considerate of her and to remember that Harry & Meghan love each other. To give them both time to adjust to each other and not to judge them.

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