Does Princess Charlotte Need to Curtsy to the Queen?

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One of the sweetest members of the royal family is definitely Princess Charlotte. We don’t know if she is aware that she is a royal princess, but she already has her royal training. She already has to follow some royal protocols and she has to wave to the public in a certain way when she is with her family in the public. But does she need to curtsy to her beloved great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II? You will find out in the article below.

Does Princess Charlotte need to curtsy to the queen?

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If you didn’t know that, every member of the royal family needs to bow and curtsy to the queen. That’s a way of showing your respect to the queen, and it doesn’t matter if she is your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother. Men need to bow to the queen, and women need to curtsy to the queen. It doesn’t matter if you are young you still need to do that. For example, Prince George needs to bow to his great-grandmother. But does Princess Charlotte, his sister, needs to curtsy to the queen?

There are strict rules about the royal etiquette, and according to those rules, Princess Charlotte doesn’t need to curtsy to the queen. Not yet. That’s because she is very young. And in a couple of years, when she turns five years, she will have to start showing her respect to her great-grandmother. Her brother Prince George started bowing to the queen just before he turned five years, so maybe Princess Charlotte will also start showing he respect a little sooner. But she doesn’t have to, because young princes and princesses don’t have to practice that part of etiquette before their fifth birthday.

And according to the royal etiquette, these young members of the royal family don’t need to bow or curtsy to other members of the royal family. They only need to do that to the ruling member of the royal family, the sovereign. So, one day when their grandfather becomes the king they will need to bow and curtsy to him, and to their father, Prince William, once he becomes the king. Also, one day when Prince George becomes the king, his sister Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will need to bow and curtsy to him, it doesn’t matter that he is their brother.

What is the royal etiquette rules Princess Charlotte is already following?

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She doesn’t need to curtsy for now, but there are other rules that she must follow. Her parents, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are already teaching their daughter some of the etiquette rules. We are going to share with you what are those rules.

She must learn to wave properly

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Princess Charlotte must wave properly, and she is already doing a great job. It feels like she already knows what to do in front of the crowd and photographers. She may be very young, but she managed to master the proper royal wave. She is doing with elegance and grace.

She must dress in a certain way and follow the royal dress code


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As you may already know, members of the royal family dress in a certain way and their presentability is very important to them. For now, her mother, Kate Middleton is responsible for her style and appearance, and we must say that she is doing a great job. Princess Charlotte is always dressed very well, and her hair is always neat. But with time she will have to learn to dress herself according to the royal dress code when she is representing her royal family.  

She must learn a foreign language

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One of the things that are very important to the royal family is the education of its members. And with education, learning a foreign language comes along. Princess Charlotte will have to learn a few foreign languages and there are some rumors that she is already learning the Spanish language.


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