The Queen and Prince George

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Kate and William have decided to give George the opportunity to live as a normal child not knowing nothing about his royal status and who he is. However, he still has to live according to some rules and protocols. And, many people wanted to know whether he bows when he sees the Queen.

Does he?


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It is true that all the members of the royal family are husbands, children and grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II. However, this does not mean that they do not have the obligation of following royal rules and protocols. And many people have wondered what the status of the youngest royals in the family is.

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The youngest members of the royal family, i.e., Charlotte and Louis, do not have any obligation of showing any respect to the Queen. However, George has this obligation. We should also point out that all children that are five or older have the obligation of bowing or showing respect to the British monarch.

We should also note that the members of the royal family are obliged of bowing and showing respect only to the queen or king, and no one else. There are some other rules that the youngest prince has to follow.

Dress code

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Even though he is the youngest royal, Prince George still has to adhere to specific protocols and rules in terms of clothing. One of such rules implies that all young royals are too shorts and high socks. They are obliged to do this until they reach eight.

Foreign language

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The royal family puts the education of its members as its priority, so members of the royal family go to the best private schools. There is one exciting tradition of learning any foreign language when young. It is reported that Prince George learns Spanish.


The Royals are often in public and front of the masses and they have to wave a lot. So, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have mastered this skill to perform it when in public.


Since he is still a child, Prince George can follow his father on his journeys but this would need to stop once Prince George is 12. Why? Well, both of them are the direct heirs of the throne, and it would not be wise to jeopardize the crown in an unpredicted situation.


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