Harvard’s Marching Band Spells Out “PENIS” On The Field At Halftime

Wendy Stokesby:


Most aspects of life would be improved by a live marching band following you around, playing “Louie Louie” at opportune moments. Most sporting events are improved by marching bands, especially marching bands that take the opportunity to spell out dirty words on the field.

At a Harvard College football game against the University of Pennsylvania this weekend, the intrepid marching boys and gals took to the field and spelled out what is definitely the word PENIS. Some believe that they were trying to spell “PENN,” but I respectfully disagree.

What at Harvard is done unintentionally? These kids have been groomed from day one to be successes in their chosen field, and if marching in lockstep while playing brass instruments and forming their bodies into a word is that field, then you bet your ass these kids knew exactly what they were doing when that word turned out to be PENIS.

Original by Megan Reynolds @mega_hurt

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