I Admit It, I’m Defenseless Against Prince George’s Adorable Antics

Wendy Stokesby:


I’m usually slower to warm to babies than most people I know, and, for a long time I would find myself judgey and irritated when friends of mine would melt into puddles fawning all over some stranger’s kid in a restaurant or at the mall (in retrospect, I’M SORRY!). There are lots of complicated reasons why this baby-fawning irked me so much, all of which could benefit from being discussed at some point, but the reason I bring it up is just to illustrate that not even the most baby-ambivalent among us are immune to precious little Prince George, who I’ve decided came out of the womb already wearing a miniature sweater vest and whose rosy cheeks could stop wars.

I’m convinced that if this kid makes me melt, he has magic powers of charm that could work on anyone. Just try not to let this anecdote, shared by Princess Kate with luxury travel adviser Claudia Gordon, melt your heart: when little George heard his father, Prince William, was visiting China, he thought he knew exactly where to find him.

“…He went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed ‘daddy is not here. She said they would work on his geography.”

The cuteness. I just can’t. If he’s trying to avoid being upstaged by his soon-to-be younger sibling, he’s done a damn good job.


[Florida News-Press]

Original by Claire Hannum

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