Into the Badlands – fighting to appear at SDCC in New York 2018.

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Ostensibly, Into The Badlands hasn’t been treated with fairness by AMC of late. Don’t ask why. Badlands was nowhere in sight despite The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and Preacher, all made to appear at SDCC 2018 in San Diego by AMC. Into The Badlands’ fans weren’t happy with this. In fact, they had to clamor, for the show to be made appear at NYCC 2018. They couldn’t just jeep mum.

For long, we’ve discussed the fact that AMC isn’t handling Badlands as fairly as it deserves, by neglecting it. And we’re saying this from evidence. Look at this: Most recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the AMC network actually kept Badlands at arm’s length, bringing three of it’s other shows to the convention. Badlands wasn’t included at all.


However, this dull marketing for Badlands by AMC can have a recent scenario put to blame. This year, at the Emmys, Badlands became an object of scorn, when it was snubbed by AMC. Several stars working on the project, including Daniel Wu, who is the leading actor of the show, all had their say about not being nominated for OSC (Outstanding Stunt Coordination) given they’ve got all the necessary energy, time and unbelievable talent, all that make Badlands as impressive as it is, and you can also see that. These characters worth a pat on the back.

Dean-Charles Chapman as Castor, Babou Ceesay as Pilgrim, Ella-Rae Smith as Nix – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

With regard to the much its fans are upset with the lackluster marketing, it would now appear appealing if Badlands shows up at SDCC this year in order to assist promoting the back half of its season three. That can at least comfort the fans.
Talking briefly about its absense at San Diego this year, we don’t really understand the reason behind it, but we can bet on a possibility that could had led to such a happening. Maybe AMC just decided to invest its money on its bigger projects ~ The Walking Dead. We can not find any other reasonable probabilities behind it. We trust our odds with that.
If you never knew, it is really demanding, in terms of what it costs, to venture in bringing a show to Comic-Con. That’s exactly what AMC had to go through, before successfully pushing some of its series to Comic-Con. Unfortunately, it’s surprising that the show didn’t access a wider audience to help it gauge interest, and/or pick up some new fans! So? It appears as if it was a shot in the dark, with very risky odds.
Into The Badlands is a show worth of a show. For numerous reasons, the excellent show should be brought to Comic-Con, not only because of the expert-endorsed costuming, detailed mythology or completely complex fight sequences, but also a lot other incredible things we can take the whole day just listing (as if!). If you have probably come across, or had an experience with the show, you can also bear us witness.
Without any qualms, it feels charging to state, even publicly, that Badlands is one of those most preferred shows that everyone else would love getting immersed into… and the apt place to show such love is indisputably none other than SDCC, where a show is exposed to a very large number of fans.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen back in San Diego, but is not a guarantee that Badlands will not appear again at SDCC in New York.
Fans of Into The Badlands are taking some action to ensure justice is done to them. They have began a petition that aims at asking AMC to bring the Badlands show to New York Comic Con 2018. The small number of the fanbase could appear as a disadvantage to the fans, but that’s not the case. Despite that they’ve got a very powerful voice on social media, Facebook, Twitter, … you list them. They keep on bothering the network to pull up their socks with regard to puting the Badlands show in the sight of new viewers.
Not only bringing Badlands into the Comic Con promote it in the sight of the new fans. It would also give the already established fans a great chance of potentially freely interacting with the series’ renown stars. They would also establish a proper reason of making a hit with the show over and over again.

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