It’s Not Over Until The Opera Singer Farts

Wendy Stokesby:


Nashville Opera Company mezzo-soprano Amy Herbst will not be hitting high notes anytime soon. The singer claims that a botched routine episiotomy during childbirth left her unable to perform without farting and well, sometimes pooping herself.

In a lawsuit filed against Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Herbst claims that an episiotomy performed by a nurse during the birth of her son left her with a “complete breakdown” of the “perineum and the external sphincter,” meaning that her vagina and rectum are basically one unit. And as a result of her incontinence and excessive gas, she was unable to perform in the Nashville Opera Company’s production of “Madame Butterfly,” or at all, really.

Herbst is seeking $2.5 million in damages for her injuries. With that, she could produce her own production of “Madame Butterfly.”

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