Jamie Raines Addresses 5 Questions You Probably Shouldn’t Ask Trans People

Wendy Stokesby:


Jamie Raines, the trans man whose timelapse video of selfies taken over the course of three years throughout his gender transition went viral last week, made a video for People addressing five questions you probably should just opt not to ask the trans people in your life and why not. They are:

  • “Do you have female genitals?”
  • “If you’re attracted to women, does that mean you’re straight or gay?”
  • “What is your birth name?”
  • “Why didn’t you just stay a masculine girl?”
  • “Have you had the surgery yet?”

Cis people’s curiosity about trans people and their very different experiences can be overwhelming, I know. But remember that those experiences are extremely personal and are often also very painful, and that just like cis people aren’t obligated to answer private or intimate questions, trans people aren’t either.


Original by Rebecca Vipond Brink

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