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It is known that the royal family pays attention to education and that all members of the royal family have a good education and go to the best private schools. There is also one thing that is not a part of any tradition nor any rule, but it is always respected. Namely, all members of the royal family speak several languages each. Prince William – Five. It is also known that Prince Philip is not from the UK and that he comes from a mixed background, thus he also knows a few languages.

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How many?

So, even though he is no royal who knows the most languages, we can say that he is fluent in three languages. And they are as follows.


Prince Philip comes from a family that held royal titles in Greece and Denmark. However, he did not speak any of these languages when he was born since his family used to speak English at court. Furthermore, since his early childhood, he has been educated in the UK.

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He lived at Kensington Palace with his mother, Victoria Mountbatten. He also lived with his uncle, George Mountbatten, at Lynden Manor in Bray, Berkshire. While he was in the UK, he went to Cheam School.


From the earliest age, he learned how to speak this language and is fluent in it just like his spouse, i.e., the Queen.

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His entire family spoke not only English but also German which was their native language, actually. We should also mention that he enrolled at Schule Schloss Salem in Germany when he was 12.

Other Royals

So, other members of the royal family speak several foreign languages, and they are:

  • French – both Prince Philip, his wife, and their children are fluent in this language. Furthermore, Prince William and Kate are also fluent in this language, as well.
  • Spanish – it is mostly learned by the youngest members of the royal family. Namely, Prince Charlotte and Prince George are supposedly earning this language;
  • Russian – there are not many members of the royal family who speak it, but Prince Michael of Kent and his spouse are speaking it fluently;
  • Tagalog – this is a bit strange language for the royal family members, but Meghan Markle seems to know it a bit.
  • Swahili –Prince William speaks this one, and he supposedly learned it by himself;
  • Welsh – Prince Charles started learning it when he became the Prince of Wales but he never completely mastered it. This is the reason why William started learning it when he was young since he would replace his father at this position one day;
  • Gaelic – Prince William also allegedly knows a bit of Gaelic.

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