Maryland Artist Reaches Supreme Court Regarding Healthcare Issues

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Valuable things can be found in this world, but you need to dig deep. No matter which state you are from, you would have to agree that there are problems in the United States that need to be solved. However, people are usually looking away from major issues believing that they are too small to make a change.

Luckily for all of us, there are always some, a minority, who will stand tall against the system and point at its flaws.

Altai Freelance is a Maryland artist and his work is not widely known. Despite being of high quality, his song called “Shawtay says it was C.V.S” couldn’t elbow its way through to reach the American public and it remained lonesome and unheard of in the streets of Maryland.

Although this man still didn’t manage to find his corner in the world of famous people when it comes to music, he is widely known, at least in the judicial world. Namely, his healthcare court case reached the Supreme Court and this is where it “got stuck”. Along the process, he was unable to find a good attorney who wasn’t afraid to throw the dices and help him win the case.

Problems in Maryland Run Deep

This is yet another case that would have been finalized behind closed doors had it not reached the final bastion of “American justice”. And speaking of justice, none is to be found in Maryland. Even though the state presents itself as open to those who are different, allegedly allowing them to express their freedom and speak their mind, it is a false picture that is sent to the federal level.

The entire court system is biased and they take sides against “small folk” while aiding the government, whether local or federal, large corporations and taking the sides of the immoral. This comes to no surprise, especially when we accept the fact that money makes the world go round.

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Even people outside of America know that healthcare is a major issue in the country but the bad news is that it will not be fixed. At least not in the foreseeable future. And those who have the money to pay for proper healthcare are being abused and extorted at every corner. The institutions are those that need to take responsibility for their actions and accept everyone who needs help no matter whether we are talking about a common cold or a more severe illness that needs a time-consuming treatment.

LGBT Population and Healthcare

Another problem that occurs is that even though America displays all the diversity as something healthy and normal and that is the way it should be, a majority of people are still discriminating against the LGBT population. And weird looks on the street aren’t the problem.

The problem occurs when you step inside a hospital with a sexual health issue and they reject you. That translates to courts that are unwilling to take such matters into consideration. And the only question that remains is “How far will this go?”

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