Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad To Star In “Romeo & Juliet”

Wendy Stokesby:


  • An interracial version of “Romeo & Juliet” is headed to Broadway. The Shakespearean-named Orlando Bloom has been cast as Romeo. with Condola Rashad, daughter of Claire Huxtable, as Juliet. That’s cool, but aren’t we kind of saturated with “Romeo & Juliet” remakes? [Los Angeles Times]
  • Shain Gandee from MTV’s new reality show “Buckwild” was found dead at age 21 in West Virginia. Here’s how his castmembers are reacting on Twitter. [E! Online]
  • Prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty for James Holmes, the gunman who killed 12 people when he shot up a movie theater screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, this summer. [Vanity Fair]
  • Five reasons teenagers at the beach in the 1920s were happier than you. [The Gloss]
  • James Franco’s idea of a April Fools’ Day  joke is a fake trailer for “Pineapple Express 2.” [HyperVocal]
  • But that was nothing compared to this Mila Kunis Facebook fan page prank! [Crushable]
  • Hanson is still making music. I still listen to it. No shame. [ONTD]
  • Here’s your Lollapalooza 2013 lineup, if outdoor concerts are your thing. [Stereogum]

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