Pauley Perrette is set to return to CBS

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If you are a fan of NCIS, you probably know Pauley Perrette. She is set to make her return to TV, after she left the popular show. Recently, it was announced that the NCIS star will come back to the CBS network, for a new comedy pilot “Broke”, alongside Jamie Camil. The new show is made by the creators and executive producers of “Jane the Virgin”, Jennie Snyder Urman and “Will & Grace” executive producer Alex Herschlag.

Why she left NCIS

On the popular show, the actress played Abby Sciuto since 2003. Therefore, fans were shocked shen she left. Close to the departure, she sent a mysterious series of tweets, where she implied that she was the victim of some physical assaults. There was also a statement.

“There have been all kinds of false stories as to why [I’m leaving]. (No, I don’t have a skin care line and no, my network and show are not mad at me!) It was a decision made last year.”

Around a year after all of this, she said that there was a “machine” that kept her silent, because of which she could not go into more detail.

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Everyone was waiting for her TV return

In an interview last year with People magazine, the former NCIS co-star of the actress, Michael Weatherly, said that he could not wait for his colleague to come back to TV acting. He did not know what her next project was going to be, but he was sure it would be successful.

He said, “I know that Pauley Perrette will be back in some capacity. I’m just saying. And I think that she’s gonna be — I think everyone misses her already, and she’ll be back and funnier than ever.”

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On NCIS, Pauley Perrette was a fan favorite

Fans really had to adjust to her absence, because she was one of the most liked and the most interesting characters on the show. TV Insider reported that she “has scored the highest Q rating—a metric that measures a celebrity’s appeal—of any TV actress.” They also said that her Q rating is as high as those of Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman. The actress was positively surprised by this, and joked that the three should do a movie together.

Source: TV Guide

How did Pauley Perrette become famous?

Her debut came in 1994, with an ABC Afterschool Special “Magical Make-Over” where she played Shannon. In 1996, she scored a recurring role of Gwen on a TV series “Murder One”, until 1997. She then next appeared on many TV shows like “Frasier”, “The Drew Carey Show”, “That’s Life”, “Dawson’s Creek”, and “Special Unit 2”. However, her stardom status came with her role on NCIS since her first appearance in 2003.




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