Princess Diana’s legacy: how are Kate and William sharing it with their children?

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Princess Diana’s tragic death left everyone speechless and sad. She died in 1997 when her sons were just boys. Prince William and Kate Middleton are making sure their three children now who exactly Princess Diana, their grandmother was.

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Parenting style

Princess Diana influenced Kate and William’s parenting style. Just like the late Princess Diana, both William and Kate are making sure they spend time with their children every chance they get. Even though they have a nanny to help them with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis while the royal couple is out for a royal engagement, they can often be seen in public enjoying their spare time with the three children.

Diana stories

Being one of the most influential women in the modern ages, Kate and William always remind their children just how important Princess Diana was. They tell them stories about Diana’s charity work and how the whole world was obsessed with their late grandmother.

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The memory

Kate and William have a lot of pictures of Princess Diana in their home so that the memory of her doesn’t fade away. They keep reminding young George and Charlotte that their grandmother was a lovely person by sharing experiences and mentioning her name.

A tribute to Diana

Princess Charlotte has a name Diana in honor of her grandmother. Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Elizabeth is in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who has a special bond with her.

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With picking godparents, they also wanted to honor Princess Diana. Some of the godparents of the children were Diana’s relatives. Prince George’s godparent is Diana’s close friend, and Princess Charlotte’s godparent is Princess Diana’s niece. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will most likely do something that will also honor the beloved Princess Diana in some way.


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