Top 10 Most Unforgettable Female Vs Male Fights in Hollywood History

Wendy Stokesby:


A lone hero kicking the stuffing out of two dozen bad guys is usually the pinnacle of every action movie ever made. Lately, the lone hero is often a girl, which makes the scenes even more amazing. This has ledto some epic female vs male fights that completely redefine the battle of the sexes. In fact, it has almost become a staple of any action movie worth its salt. Let’s see which ones are the best.

Movie: Kingsman

Credit: Screen Rant

Fighters: Gazelle vs Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Sofia Butella vs Taron Egerton)
Eggsy almost lost the fights against Gazelle, a supervillain with prosthetic legs.

Movie: Mortal Kombat

Credit: Microsoft

Fighters: Sonya Blade vs Kano (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras vs Trevor Goddard)
Sonya Blade shows no mercy in this fight scene from the 90’s classic Mortal Combat.

Movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Credit: Pinterest

Jane Smith vs John Smith (Angelina Jolie vs Brad Pitt)
The Smith’s take marital violence to a whole new level.


Movie: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens


Rey vs Kylo Ren (Daisy Ridley vs Adam Driver)
Nothing like a lightsaber duel between cousins.

Movie: Atomic Blonde

Credit: The Action Elite

Atomic Blonde vs Everyone (Charlize Theron)
Charlize Theron is no stranger to action flicks, but in Atomic Blonde, as a female version of Jason Bourne, she really takes it to the next level.

Movie: Daredevil

Credit: Comic Book

Daredevil vs Elektra (Ben Affleck vs Jennifer Garner)
Daredevil is one of Ben Affleck’s worst movies (and he had a few really bad ones), but the fight scene between Electra and Daredevil almost makes it worth watching. Almost.

Movie: Wonder Woman

Credit: Mashable

Wonder Woman vs the Nazis (Gal Gadot)
The added bonus to this glorious scene is the fact that Gal Gadot, a Jewish girl, is kicking Nazi butts all over the place.

Movie: Deadpool

Credit: CNet

Colossus vs Angel Dust (CGI vs Gina Carano)

Colossus learned the hard way that when facing formidable and unscrupulous fighter like Angel Dust, it doesn’t pay to be a gentleman.

Movie: Kick-Ass


Hit-Girl vs Goons (Chloë Grace Moretz)
It is truly amazing what a 12-year old girl with purple hear and two guns can accomplish in terms of graphic violence when she sets her mind to it.

Movie: Logan

Credit: Vanity Fair

Laura (X-23) vs Reavers (Dafne Keen)
A little girl with an attitude and Wolverine abilities shredding to pieces a squad of Reavers is most definitely the most epic female vs male fight in movie history.

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