True or False: Is Nicole Kidman Losing Her Hair?

Dragana Stepicby:



Recently, some media noted that Nicole Kidman is losing her hair. More precisely, it has been said that she is wearing a wig over her hair that thinned. However, this is something that we can say that is not true. These media said that she has a lot of problems with her marriage with Keith Urban. After these those allegations, none of these media didn`t go into specifics of their marriage problem, besides one.

In order to give some credence to this story, they an anonymous source who is close to the pair. According to this source, Nicole is furious about losing her hair, because it always was one of the things that she liked best about herself, and that she thinks that her career will be destroyed because of that. Later in the article, it was said that she is wearing a wig to cover her loss.


Source: Us Weekly

That same article didn`t offer any kind of proof for their claims. On the contrary, Nicole Kidman was seen on the promotion of the second season of the TV show which stars her called “Big Little Liars”, in California. And from what we have seen, there is no sign of her losing her hair. Plus, the actresses’ PR said that the article was simply untrue and that there is not a single part of it that is true.

We can be sure that it isn`t true. Opposite to the article that probably made up their source, the star`s PR publicly denied this allegation. Also, we can say that this is not the first time that the media is targeting Nicole Kidman with this untrue news. About six months ago, it was announced that she decided that she wants a divorce with her husband Keith Urban.


The real story is that they have a happy life together and that their marriage is pretty solid. Another famous magazine targeted Nicole with their article that said that she and Keith are in the process of making the third child, hoping to overcome the problems that emerged in their marriage in recent time. As we said, they have a pretty good relationship and they are happy together.

Plus, Nicole herself announced that she and Keith decide that they don’t want more children and that they are pretty happy with two. We can say that these allegations that were made up from certain magazines or online media, didn’t damage their marriage at all. This is something that can be seen from their pictures online, or when they are appearing on public occasions.

When you are naming the untraceable and uncheckable sources in your article, or news, there is always a room for suspicion. This is something that we don`t recommend. Sooner or later, the real truth will slip up and all readers will know that you didn`t write the truth in your articles. We can surely say that there is not any truth in the news that Nicole Kidman is losing her hair and wearing wigs. That is a fact.


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