Wanna Know What The Inside Of A Kangaroo’s Pouch Looks Like?

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I Fucking Love Science is a site — and related Facebook page, which I follow with rapt attention — full of so many gems. Terrifying headlines about the enormity of the universe and mankind’s minuteness in comparison; heartbreaking/warming moments of animals at their most “human”; and gross shit that proves Mother Nature has the spirt and sense of humor of a teenage boy.

Speaking of the latter, haven’t you always wanted to know what the inside of a kangaroo’s pouch looks like? You know, the place where their little babies, called joeys, “nestle in to feed, eat and sleep for an average of 46 weeks” before bailing for whatever the kanga equivalent of college is? Of course you have! (Megan, for the record, says she HAS not wondered this, but I get joy out of grossing her out, so here we are.) And lucky you, IFL linked to this random video that shows you (skip ahead to 6:20 if the embedded video doesn’t do so itself). Honestly, it’s not that bad. It’s like a fleshy fannypack that looks like it won’t fit a lot, but actually could store two books, an overstuffed wallet, three pieces of fruit for a snack, six lipsticks and at least three bucks in loose change. It’s pretty cool, actually.

But you know what I’m MORE curious about? What that motherfucker smells like. I’ll get back to you on that one. [IFL Science]

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