What are Movie Streaming Services and How to Watch for Free

Petar Mikonossby:


It would seem that movie and TV show streaming services are more and more replacing cable TV as the preferred way of watching your favorite shows and movies. In recent years, we’ve seen Hulu and Netflix take the world by storm with their movie streaming services.

Streaming services originally started as successors to DVD’s they are increasingly popular across every corner of the globe. You can watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere around the world by subscribing to such streaming services.

What was once tuning in for your favorite show, now you can watch it anytime you want. More and more television giants are purchasing production studios and are creating their very own streaming services, where they can deliver original content to their wide audience of subscribers. Some streaming services even offer live TV, making them the perfect substitutes to cable TV.

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But how did this trend came to be? It would seem that the natural answer comes in the form of Netflix. A giant in the movie and TV show streaming, they deliver original content to their viewers.

What’s more interesting is that other companies see the potential in streaming services, and is developing their own. Disney purchased 20 Century Fox and is planning on releasing their own movie streaming service in the near future. Such is the case as they are starting to withdraw all of their content from Netflix and other providers.

However, such streaming services cost, not much but they do indeed cost and require you to pay a monthly fee in order to use their service.

Some services require you to download the content before you stream it. But there are some services that allow you to watch shows online without having to download anything. There are even some that are completely free and are legal in every sense.

But what makes a streaming service good?

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It seems that the logical answer would be the quality of content available, or what their library offers. This is the reason why so many services are heavily investing in creating original content for their viewers. A few examples of this would be Netflix’s Stranger Things, Hulu’s The Handmade Tale, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and many more.

Another thing to point out is whether you will be accompanied by ads as you watch your favorite movies and shows. Some services charge extra so that you don’t have to watch ads, some don’t even have ads at all on their platforms. That puts us nicely to another point, and that comes in the form of streaming platforms.

The quality of the streaming platform is also an important factor to consider. The platform needs to be good, fast, not buddy, and easy to use. Some streaming services don’t even have desktop platforms and can be accessed through your browser so you can watch online.

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Another factor is the accessibility of the streaming service. Many services can be accessed through your desktop PC, smartphone, tablet, even smart TV. Having the flexible option of choosing where and when to watch your favorite shows is imperative for a good ran streaming platform or service.


No matter the platform or the streaming service you choose, streaming services are slowly but surely replacing cable TV as the preferred way of watching movies and TV shows.

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