Zootopia 2 – Will The Movie Hit The Screens Soon?

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Is there a Zootopia 2?

If you are a Walt Disney movie fan then it is likely that you will have quite a few interesting over the next few lines. Walt Disney movies are a class apart and therefore are eagerly awaited by millions of fans in the country and across the world. Hence there is bound to be quite a bit of discussion about the impending release of Zootopia 2. However, going by the grapevine and also taking into account statements of names like Mark Smith, it is unlikely that the movie will get released any time soon. There are many who believe that the movie has quite a long way to go. The complete silence from Disney is also intriguing. However, one of the casts of this film has spoken out. He is Mark Smith, nicknamed Rhino who is a voice actor also. He had nothing much happy to share about the progress of this movie and he just did some talking on the Zootopia sequel.

Some Information About Smith

Smith rose to fame with the TV show Gladiators and this happened in 1990s. It was a good break for him as Rhino was given the role of Office McHorn in this Disney movie. Smith believes that it was a big break for him and literally changed his life. It did catapult him to the big league and fans followed him at supermarkets and other places seeking his autograph after having watched him on TV.

Smith was also cast in an important role in the movie Yardie by Idris Elba and the movie was being made in Jamaica. He also has some famous co-stars with him including names such as Antonia Banderas and Sir Ben Kingsley. Security is the new thriller where Smith stars alongside the above artists. Smith was picked up by Elba because they had worked together in an earlier in 2014 by the name No Good Deed. While Smith did talk about his role in the upcoming Zootopia 2 he was not able to give any further details.

What Does The Grapevine Say?

It also would be pertinent to mention here that officials of Disney have also been maintaining a stoic silence as far as this movie is concerned. But there are some bits and pieces of information trickling in. Making use of the same it may be possible to imagine a possible release date. When the dots are connected there are many reasons to believe that the movie will be going public only in 2020. This is because there are a number of other movies slated for release before 2020 from the stables of Disney. These include titles such as The Incredibles, Mulan, Wreck-It Ralph2, Mary Poppins Returns, The Lion King, Frozen 2, Indiana Jones 5 and an unknown animated project slated for release in 2020. The grapevine talk is that the unnamed animated project could be the much expected Zootopia sequel. This is further buttressed by the fact that another title by the name Gigantic was scheduled to be released during the 2020 Thanksgiving week but it has been completely shelved. If the untitled project is not Zootopia, then one can expect the movie only to go public only in 2021 or even later.

Screen Rant says that the 2021 release dates of three movies have already been confirmed by Disney. The first is a live-action film, while the second is an untitled Pixar animation scheduled for release in June 2021. This leaves only the third film which is now being described as an untitled Disney animation. Hence, fans have reasons to believe that it could be the much-awaited Zootopia 2. Until the release date is confirmed, though, fans can still get their fill of Zootopia on Amazon Prime Video since it is no longer available on Netflix. If you live outside the US, you would need a VPN to stream Amazon Prime.

Zootopia 2 – What Could It Hold For The Cast

Mark Smith would be donning the role of Officer McHorn but he hopes that his role will be bigger compared to his first movie. Nate Torrence has also expressed his keen desire to be in the streets rather than just manning the desk.

Then there are other artists like Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman. There are reasons to believe that these two characters will have some plum role and would be busy beating to pulp all the bad guys out there. Goodwin perhaps would also like to see a reversal of the roles of Nick and Judy.

What Do The Directors Want

Byron Howard and Rich Moore the co-directors of Zootopia are aware of the fact that fans would like to see Nick and Judy together. However, they have not yet clearly defined their relationship and this has been done perhaps to keep an element of suspense alive. The two men believe that their relationships in the previous works were perfect to say the least.

But the fact of the matter is that both Moore and Howard believe that if they took the characters forward, they may have some problems in keeping suspense alive going forward. One part of the shipping debate, according to Moore would most certainly be in for some serious disappointment. There are many who feel that half the fans would like both the characters to get married. However, there are others who also feel that every relationship does not always have to end in marriage. They believe that it would be better if they continued to stay as good friends and in fact Moore spoke of it way back in 2016.

A Few More Words From The Directors

The directors in a 2017 Golden Globes Interview believe that some viewers had a different take. They viewers perhaps believe that there is not much scope for romance while on the other side of the spectrum there are others who believe that they have to be together. The specific story pertaining to Zootopia 2 is still unclear. However, Howard & Moore understand that there is quite a bit of talk surrounding Zootopia. Not much is perhaps discussed about the finer points of animated films. Not many are clear as to what exactly it all means. The answer is not easy to come and the best way perhaps would be to wait till the movie is released. However, this would call for having a clear fix on the release date of the movie and as of now there is nothing much one can mention with some degree of certainty. The gestation period has to be gone through, it seems.

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