14 Unknown Guilty Pleasures Queen Elizabeth II Has

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Horse Betting

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Queen Elizabeth makes a lot of money every year by betting on horse races according to Travel + Leisure. Allegedly she’s made more than $8.8 million from all the bets she’s made over the past three decades. She doesn’t really make any bets at OTB, but you can catch her in the stands at Royal Ascot. She has a lot do to with raising, breeding and training of the horses themselves. Each time they win she wins, and then they win again since all the money she gets from the prize money she invests right back into the horses and their trainers. You could say that seeing her horses win has given us some very funny moments of the Queen.

Four Cocktails Per Day

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There have been lots of articles about how Her Majesty loves her cocktails and that she drinks four of them a day.

Before lunch she has one made of gin, Dubonnet, a bit of lemon and a lot of ice.

For lunch a glass of wine.

A dry gin martini after the glass of wine.

And a glass of Champagne just before going to sleep.

Considering all that no one has really seen her drink all these in one day, let alone each day. These are probably just her favourite drinks and she likes drinking them every now and then.

High Tea

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A couple of sources have informed us that Her Majesty drinks her afternoon tea with the complete traditional  “high tea spread,” which according to BBC means having cakes, jams, preserves, scones, sandwiches and at times pastries and cookies.

Red Meat

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It’s quite known that the Queen loves eating all kinds of meat, like roast beef, lamb, mutton, grouse and venison. What all of those types of meat have in common is that they have to be completely cooked even though having meat rare is seen as “sophisticated”.

Abba’s Dancing Queen

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When this very popular song from the 80’s comes the Queen just can’t stand still. It’s the one song she always has to dance to. “I always try to dance when this song comes on,” she elaborated “because I am the Queen, and I like to dance.”


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Her Majesty is a big fan of traditional Scottish dancing and holds an annual party at Balmoral, which is the royal family’s Scottish home, in honor of that dance. Although the Queen like dancing in general and is considered to be a good dancer herself. In Netflix’s The Crown we can see the Queen in one episode dancing with Ghana’s president, Kwame Nkrumah which actually happened in the 1960s.


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As a celebration of Yuletide the royal family plays a game of Charades, as reported by the Daily Star. The Queen loves playing that game but definitely does not like losing.


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Just like a lot of the royal family members hunting is something the Queen enjoys doing with friends and family. She doesn’t handle a gun herself but she does go out into the field wrapped in a warm coat and gloves.

Lunch from those hunts

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Every hunter knows that hunting is just a part of the experience, the next part is eating that hard-earned lunch and Her Majesty takes it very seriously according to a chef who used to work for the royal family, Darren McGrady. He said that those meals were one of her favourite and usually included lots of stews and mashed potatoes.

Reality TV

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Not proud of your reality TV habit? Well you’re definitely not alone. It looks like the Queen enjoys watching reality TV, Britain’s Got Talent to be specific. Simon Cowell guessed as to what the Queen’s viewing habits were in 2014 and in 2017 confirmed those speculations to winner Richard Jones. Another reality show the Queen likes to watch is X Factor, since she admitted to that in 2011.

Soap Operas

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Her favorite TV show is Downtown Abbey, according to the author of At Home with the Queen, Brian Hoey. She really enjoys picking all the mistakes it makes. However a lot of people would say that Downtown Abbey is good enough to not be considered a guilty pleasure, well then we have another piece of information for you, the Queen loves watching EastEnders, a true guilty pleasure.

Fast cars

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Some time ago the Telegraph took a picture of the Queen in a Jaguar sports car, she was on her way home from church. This wasn’t the first time the Queen Elizabeth could be seen driving, she’s actually been into cars since her early teen years and she even served as a driver and mechanic in World War II. Popular Mechanics has reported that her favorite car is a Range Rover.

Dark Chocolate

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It has been proven that dark chocolate actually has health benefits so it’s not all bad. Allegedly the Queen just adores dark chocolate and the darker it is the better.

Heinz Ketchup

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It’s a pretty well-known fact that Queen Elizabeth has simple tastes, and that’s why she’s a big fan of Heinz Ketchup, which is actually the royal supplier. It’s very subjective so ketchup is either considered something very tasty or the devil disguised as food.

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