5 Ways to Intensify the Male Orgasm

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Women can experience multiple orgasms of different intensity, but what about us, men? Most of the times we find it easier to climax, but can we experience different levels of orgasm? According to science, one can make the male orgasm better and more satisfying by embracing simple tricks. Breathing techniques, masturbation, and penis enhancement devices like Bathmate can help you enhance the big O and enjoy more pleasure during each sexual intercourse.

Breathe properly

Most men are used to hold their breath when they reach orgasm, which actually diminishes the intensity of the moment. To have deeper orgasms learn to breath slow and deep just before you climax. When you feel you are going to reach the big O, take a deep breath, and then exhale using your mouth. Continue to breathe deeply as you experience the orgasm to enjoy it longer and at a higher intensity.

Use penis pumps

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunctions or you climax too soon, you can use a penis pump. It will enhance your size and will help you last longer between the sheets. Using a pump on a regular basis can give you confidence, which turns into a better orgasm when you have intercourse.

Involve your entire body

Stimulating your penis is not enough for an amazing orgasm – try to involve your entire body. Engage your partner in touching and massaging other parts of your body, like the thighs or the shaft. Pay attention to your entire genital area, not just the penis. Allow yourself to explore your own body with your partner to find out what gives you more pleasure. As you do it, focus on her body as well, as this can actually increase your own pleasure. Take your time to build passion and pleasure from arousal.

Use a prostate massage device

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The prostate is responsible for your pleasure, so you can increase the intensity of your orgasm by stimulating this spot. You can do it manually or use a massage device, which can be inserted in the anus to provide deep, intense orgasms. There are many ways to include a prostate massage in your masturbation routine or your intercourse. Another way to benefit from it is to book a prostate massage session.

Learn to slow down

A great way to enhance your orgasm is to build up as much arousal as you can. To do this take yourself on the peaks of pleasure, then relax for a couple of minutes, before working towards orgasm again to stop right before you climax. This game can be played with a partner or during masturbation and it will enhance your orgasm and can relieve erectile dysfunctions, helping you last longer.

The male orgasm can be enhanced by finding ways to stimulate your entire body and get as much blood as possible in your penis. The best way to find out what works best for you is to experiment with different strokes, toys, and methods because each person is aroused by different things.

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