6 Negative Effects A Bad Mattress Can Have On Your Health

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A fantastic night’s sleep is crucial for your overall wellbeing. For US citizen, sleep matters so much, that six in 10 Americans desire sleep over sex. The quality of your sleep depends a whole lot on the level of your mattress that is something universally understood and accepted by people, but some genuinely do something to enhance their mattresses.

According to a survey administered by the National Sleep Foundation, over 90 percent of individuals know the quality of the sleep is based upon the mattresses. However, most individuals appear to overlook this and point out the price of a new bed because of their lack of interest in purchasing a new one or upgrading the one the old one.

An old mattress that is not a good match for your needs can harm a lot more than your sleep. The consequences of a bad mattress range from chronic back pain to allergies and weight reduction. This is how your mattress is destroying your health, based on science.


We know sleep, especially the REM stage, it helps solidify things into our consciousness. If you’re unable to get enough sleep, your ability to keep information is going to be diminished. This was revealed in a study where two groups of individuals were assigned the same job. All of them performed the job once, then half of these were permitted to sleep before doing the task again. The team who had slept managed to achieve better when requested to perform the deed another time, showing they’d retained the data better from the previous day.

Blood Pressure

All the REM stages of sleep have the impact of decreasing the blood pressure that helps you get to an average level. Preventing those sleep cycles can maintain your blood pressure from decreasing correctly, resulting in possible heart issues later on. During sleep, the body also releases hormones that help modulate anxiety, and without those, the stress can build up and begin causing further increases in blood pressure.

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Old mattresses are full of dust mites and bed bugs. These tiny creatures consume the dead cells your body emits.

Dust mites also cause skin problems, such as eczema and respiratory ailments, as they harm your lungs and encourage a sore throat.

To stop allergies, you can wash your sheets and pillowcases in warm water or vacuum clean them regularly. Sleep covers tagged as “allergy-proof” can also help you reduce the number of outbreaks, but the best way is to replace your mattress.

Usually, the mattress should be changed every 6 or 8 years, to keep it from turning into a farm of dust mites and bed bugs.

Back Pain

Back pain is another common issue of sleeping on an old mattress. Your bed may actually develop back pain and prevent you from getting a comfortable sleep. Oklahoma State University administered research on a group of people and directed them to substitute their mattresses every five years. Following the people replaced their mattresses, they reported a substantial reduction in back pain.

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Among the factors overlooked when you’re searching for the cause of your snoring is your mattress. If your bed isn’t supporting your body correctly, your airways may be under pressure, or the cells could be sunken, which contributes to snoring.

If the bedding is too old, it may also promote snoring. Mattresses take the form of your body, making your airways to block simpler. Although snoring isn’t rare, few people really know and understand the hazards of snoring which really has the potential to be deadly.


Believe it or not, getting a bad night’s sleep may cause you to gain weight. As you sleep, you burn off a few calories, but that is not going to get off the pounds. By not sleeping well, your metabolism can start to slow down, which makes it become harder and harder for the body to burn off the fats and other things it has consumed during the day.

To help with back pain, you surely need a new mattress. Hybrid mattresses are known to alleviate back pain. So, if you are suffering from back pain due to an old mattress and want a new one, look for the best Hybrid Mattress brands and opt the one that fits your needs and budget.

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