British Cat, Oscar, Wants To Steal Your Underpants

The Friskyby:


I used to have a cat named Kurtis. He was champagne-colored, rather large, and when he got mad at me, which was not infrequently, he would take random things of mine, say, a stray thong, and put them in his litter box. Now, it seems, Oscar, a cat in Britain — Southampton, to be exact — has a penchant for stealing panties. The 13-year-old feline spends his days breaking into the homes of neighbors from which he nicks rubber gloves, socks, and, most recently, 10 pairs of children’s underpants. “He was very proud that he had found these presents for us and would drop them at our feet,” said Oscar’s owner, Peter Weismantel, 72, who, worried his neighbors would think he was stealing the stuff, reported his own cat to the police. “If anyone is missing any underwear,” Weismantel’s wife, Birgitt, told potential victims, “it would be good to put their minds at rest that it’s only a cat pinching them and not someone more unpleasant.” Good to know one’s missing knickers are in safe paws. [NY Daily News]


Original by Susannah Breslin

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