Everything You Need To Know About Skin Bleaching

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For many people that know of skin lightening, it carries a negative connotation, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. The most important thing everyone needs to know is that no one should get their skin bleached unless they have consulted a dermatologist first. Many people think of skin lightening as only a cosmetic thing, but that is not the case, it can be used to help many medical and skin conditions.

Skin diseases can be very hard to handle. Everyone feels most comfortable with themselves when their skin is clear and even. This is the reason why many skin professionals give out skin bleaching medication to their patients that suffer from illnesses that include discoloration and unevenness. For example, post inflammatory pigmentation – which are dark spots on the skin that appear after scars and acne; melasma – patches of discoloration on their face which is usually caused by hormonal imbalances that come with pregnancy or being exposed to the sun.

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An important thing to know is that there is, in fact, no bleach used in skin bleaching. How this treatment actually works is through reducing the pigment in our skin called melanin.

Even though skin bleaching can be helpful, it can have negative effects too. There are opinions that the cream mostly used for this treatment, Hydroquinone has a chance of increasing the risk of cancer. This cream is mostly available through prescription but also over the counter in some places. Whatever the case may be in your area we suggest consulting a trained professional first before getting it on your own.

Some of the negative effects can come up after using the product for more than three months, and the effect is pretty bizarre because what happens is that the skin gets darker and becomes resistant to any treatment, the higher the dose and the time of using it, the higher the risk of this happening.

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A big trend in the recent years has been intimate area bleaching. More and more people are showing interest in this. This is the process of lightening the skin in your private areas so that it would match its surroundings. It is possible to get it done at a salon where a technician performs the treatment on you or you could buy cream and apply it on your own at home. This is done purely for cosmetic purposes.

In the end, it is important to mention that there are also natural ways of doing this. For those who wouldn’t dare use chemical products to lighten their skin, there are a lot of options for natural products. For example products with Vitamin C, Azelaic acid and a Chinese herb called Cinnamomum Subavenium. Some research also shows that oral supplements that contain Vitamin E and pomegranate extract can help with skin lightening. An option for less severe cases is also daily exfoliation and peeling. And if you are ready to spend a couple more bucks, you could try toxin-free products because they are less abrasive and not as harmful.

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