Farrah Abraham’s disturbing Instagram post

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is keeping us up to the date on her Instagram, by posting daily pictures and videos of her activities. But one particular post has left us wondering just what was she thinking when she shared it with the world?

Gym time

Abraham is a fitness lover. You can see it for yourself n her Instagram account just how much she exercises. She likes boxing, or just going to the gym for a regular workout. After it was announced that Abraham will be facing former Flavor of Love contestant Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander in a boxing match, Abraham went crazy on her workout routine. However, Abraham decided not to go through with it, and that contract violation cost her $12,000.

The disturbing photo

Abraham participated in a goat yoga class, and she posted a picture of herself, sitting on a yoga mat, with a goat’s head near her stomach. Many thought that the picture was unsuitable, due to the position of the goat’s head, and PETA was even involved.


In addition to the negative reaction on the goat picture, some fans are also wondering about her parenting skills. She has a daughter, Sophia, with her late boyfriend Derek. One Instagram user, dawnydawn67 wrote, ‘’What I do wonder is why haven’t Derek’s parents gone after Farrah to get Sophia. She is simply not a good parent to be doing the things she’s doing with that kid, like taking her when she gets her butt injections and have Sophia video them and taking her to Dubai so Farrah can take care of her [dates]. It’s all crazy nonsense.’’

New job

She also received some bad critiques regarding her new job, a book critic for an adult magazine called Penthouse. But on the other side, editors are more than happy to have Abraham on board their team, and they stated how Abraham’s ‘’ unique perspective to reviews of new and classic literature’’ is one of her many traits.

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