Long awaited sequel to the Disney’s most popular franchise ever.

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Our beloved characters from far faraway land of Arendelle will be back on 22nd of November next year, as the company confirmed two weeks ago. But the story isn’t going to be set only in Arendelle. The plot will take our favorite sisters far away into distant lands. The new movie is the continuation of the previous story, and as Director and Writer Jennifer Lee says, “it will be bigger and far more epic.”

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The director of the movie didn’t tease much of the details, but as far as we know, we can expect some developments for our characters, but the most important things will revolve around sisters of course, especially Elsa. Rumors include a love story for Olaf, even a lesbian love story. Rumors also hint a potential problem with the sister’s relationship, a biological one. As it is being speculated, maybe they are not biological sisters. As Kristen Bell, the voice actor of Anna, while talking about her involvement in the movie, gave details about novelties said that some scenes are quite “intimate.” We can ponder about the plot, but we sure hope it is going to be a great film.

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The first movie itself is popular for its cool and catchy music (some of the original music can be heard across shopping malls during Christmas holidays), and the staff announced four new songs with Director Jennifer thinking that it is going to be “an evolution.” Just to remind the readers, the most popular and recognizable song from the movie, “let it go” was written in only a day. So we hope that, due to the fact that the crew had more time for the new songs to write, Director’s statement won’t be an empty promise.

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Frozen was based on the fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Originally named “The Snow Queen” is the story that follows two characters Gerda and her friend Kai, and is centered around the infinite struggle between good and evil. So, by the brief summary explanation, we can see that a lot has been changed, except the main subject. One thing is definitely the same. “The Snow Queen”‘ is Hans’ most highly acclaimed story, while Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. There surely is a special icy ingredient for its doubtless popularity.

We can also give credits to both stories for a Scandinavian increase in Tourism, especially Norway, where production crew spent days gathering inspiration. So we hope that hinted locations are going to be exotic.

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As for the crew, we can expect the core cast back (although the plot is going to follow Elsa more than others), with few new characters reinforcing the story.

The official release in cinemas is scheduled for 22nd November. At least in North America, but the dates for other continents and countries are not official yet. And as for the trailer, obviously not yet. But we can expect it at the beginning of the next year, while there is still a bit of snow.

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