Best Non Woven Bags Come From Vietnam?

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Are you searching for a creative way to advertise your brand? Do you want to bring your customers a convenient way to carry their things? Does your company care about the environment? The Non-Woven Bag is a three-in-one solution for your demand with the best quality and lowest price.

1. What is Nonwoven fabric?

The nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material which is used in the textile manufacturing industry. It is made from staple fiber (short) and long fibers (continuous long) that are not woven, sewn or knitted together but bonded together by mechanical, chemical, heat or solvent treatment. Non-woven bags are 100% green, reusable and recyclable.

Nonwoven fabric is bonded together by mechanical, chemical, heat or solvent treatment

Source: Textile School

2. Some advantages of non-woven bag that you may not know

There are numerous advantages of non-woven bags which have become popular as carry bags among people in the recent time.

– Durable: These bags are extremely durable and cannot be torn easily. You can use these for a very long time because the chemical and heat treatment that makes these bags firm and strong.

– Reusable: You can wash and re-use easily.

– Sizes and Colors are available: The non-woven bags can be manufactured in all sorts of sizes and colors. For this reason, you can take a large carry bag to go shopping or you can carry your favorite colored medium size accessory to carry your lunchbox to the office,…

The Non-Woven bags can be manufactured in all sorts of sizes and colors

– Lightweight: You won’t feel like carrying one as they are quite light.

– Liquid repellent: You can use these confidently during the rainy season because they are liquid repellent.

– Foldable and Portable: These bags can be folded and carried anywhere easily.

– Affordable: Fit in everyone’s pocket size and budget. They can be afforded by everyone easily.

– Recyclable: These bags are 100% recyclable so you can recycle to keep our nature clean and green.

Environment Friendly: 100% green, eco-friendly and biodegradable. These do not release any chemical or toxic gas which is harmful to the environment while being disposed of.

The Non-Woven bags are eco-friendly

Source: Shanghai YeColor Packing Co., Ltd.

Advertising your company and brand: Non woven bags can be used as advertising tools as they may be printed with a company logo or slogan.

– The in thing: Non woven bags make for your style statement’s company and convey the message that your business is exhibiting its social responsibility.

The Non-Woven bags advertise your company and brand

3. Hop Phat Garment Company – Non woven and shopping bag manufacturer in Vietnam perfect for women

Does your company want customers grateful, motivate and reward employees for their dedication with the bags? You are the business that wants to maximize its profits by finding affordable suppliers? Let Hop Phat shopping bag manufacturer in Vietnam help you solve this problem!

Hop Phat Garment Company is leading manufacturer of non-woven bags in Vietnam

There are numerous companies all around the globe which offer these bags. Hop Phat from Vietnam is one of the leading backpack manufacturers in Vietnam for non-woven bags. Here are some benefits of ordering their backpacks:

– With many years of experience in this field, Hop Phat is proud to serve all customers no matter of their requests about size, design, color, print, logo…

– With modern machines such as hydraulic press, needle sewing machine, ziczac sewing, electronic bar tacking-pattern sewing,.. and abundant of labor resources, Hop Phat is sure to send you the quotation with the best price for products and quality.

– A wide range of products that include a laptop, school backpacks, travel backpacks, travel bag, handbag – fashion, luggage, advertising – bags, wallets, handbag – leather, women purse & bag, crossbody, laptop, non-woven, plastic packaging, canvas, cotton, thermo bag, and so on.

Source: Sashee Impex

The Non-Woven bags

– The average output of Hop Phat is from 10.000-20.000 products per month.

– In case of need, you can also ask for a sample to see the quality and design.

– These bags are biodegradable and are environmentally friendly that can be also confirmed on

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