Why is Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles Nervous About Visiting Cuba?

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A new year means new busy schedules for royal family members. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning on visiting Morocco in late Feb.2019, and also Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have a trip to Cuba ahead of them.

The future King of England and his wife will be the first royals to step on this island in 50 years. None of the members visited it since it came under a communist rule. Even though Prince Charles is a huge fan of traveling, his wife seems to be a bit nervous about this.

Why are the Duke and Duchess visiting Cuba?

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

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There have been rumors about this royal trip since November 2018, and even though Clarence House hasn’t confirmed it yet, the Duchess of Cornwell did say something about the upcoming visit.

Royal Tours are usually planned by the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office. Members of the royal family are seen as ambassadors, and their job is to visit the country’s leaders and engage with the citizens.

Communist Cuba hasn’t been visited by any British Prime Minister, although the former US President Barack Obama did visit it in 2016.

Are the Duke and the Duchess excited about visiting Cuba?


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Baroness Lucy Hale, the President of the Supreme Court, says they are beyond excited since they aren’t only visiting the Carribean. They also plan on going to Cuba. Camila is a huge fan of their architecture and music.

We assume that this trip will be stress-free, knowing that Prince Charles loves to travel in style. He always brings along his butler, secretary, two valets, typist, chef, and his bodyguards.

The real reason Duchess is nervous about going to Cuba

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Unlike her husband, Camilla has a fear of flying. Because of it, she gave up her trip to Australia in 2018. However, she has no health issues, and everyone is counting on Camila to follow the plan. It’s time for her to embrace that fear. Even though this is the main reason, the Duchess admitted she is also a bit worried about their food.

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