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We all remember the grandfather of all online entertainment, the original OG Putlocker! But as we saw in 2017 and the whole of 2018 a lot of new subsets of sites have emerged promising the same experiences. But are they really any good and do they live up to the name? We are going to explore some of these new sites and see what we like and dislike while we watch our favorite shows and movies. A few things to note is that for each of these we will be providing a comprehensive review after starting a movie. Our metrics will include ease of use, design, available titles, ads safety and more!

Putlocker’s Little Son |

Yes we know, the design isn’t the same. But instead of just green everywhere and a complicated search decides to try out the traditional. With a featured selection of movies on the front page segmented out by tabs including featured, suggested, most viewed and top IMDB. This new site gives a glimpse of the great selection is has to offer. We tried searching for some of our new favorite movies, and we were pleasantly surprised to not only find it but also see it in good quality with almost no ads during the stream. A few ads do popup while going through the search process but that is totally understandable as these sites do have to keep the lights on. All in all a great experience and selection if you are looking for movies and tv shows to watch.

source: utopiavpnguide

The New Guy On the Block |

These guys are all about design and user experience, and you can see that as soon as the site loads. No playing around or gimmicks here. You see a beautiful slider with some of the most watched titles on the platform, and then a traditional features selection layout of the top movies and TV shows right on the main page. We watched our favorite films on the site and were seriously surprised to see almost no ads! Coupled with super fast load times and a fantastic selection of movies and shows this site should be on your bookmark list asap! They seem to be always updating their collection, and the nice tags on the movies help you see the quality right away without wasting too much time. Is this better than putlocker though? Well, that’s something you might have to decide for yourself, but it’s a great contender and a second option to have.

A Few Honorable Mentions | Putlocker Alternative Sites – Another of these new onset sites that provide quality streaming, less to no ads and great viewing experience. Another good option to have for a rainy day.

source: youtube – Believe it or not, this one reminds us of the original 123movies from back in the day. They do have a different design, but the content quality and periodic updates keep us coming back for more. – Another super movie site to have in your Swiss army knife arsenal.

Final Thoughts

source: wired

If you are looking for the same OG experience as the original putlocker, then go no further than choosing! You get the same quality, faster streams, and memorable experience.

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