This Trailer For Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss Is Foul-Mouthed And Hilarious

Wendy Stokesby:


Put on your headphones before you hit play on this trailer for Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming comedy, The Boss, because things get saucy right off the bat. McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell, a ridiculously wealthy and obnoxious businesswoman who goes to jail for insider trading. Once she gets out, she goes to live with her former employee Claire, a single mom played by Kristen Bell, and Claire’s daughter. Michelle is eager to start anew, but her reputation — and the long list of people she screwed over — precedes her. And, let’s be frank, her attitude is still pretty intense, as you can see from her plan to rejuvenate her career by masterminding a brownie-selling coup for Claire’s daughter’s Dandelions’ group.

The Boss was co-written and directed by Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband and collaborator on Tammy. (You can see Falcone get a tennis ball to the testes in the trailer; he usually has a cameo in all of her movies.) That star vehicle wasn’t too well received; it was tonally all over the place, but perhaps more importantly, it was marketed as a broad comedy that played on McCarthy’s physical humor, which was somewhat misleading. In any case, Tammy is worth a look. The Boss seems to be much more in line with her work in Spy, where she let loose as a CIA employee who’s finally given the chance to do some fieldwork.

The cast of The Boss includes Kristen Schaal, Kathy Bates, Peter Dinklage, Annie Mumolo, Kathy Bates, and a whole slew of other funny folks. It hits theaters on April 8. Then she’s got Ghostbusters coming out on July 15. No wonder she doesn’t have time to chill in Stars Hollow!

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