The Love Story of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

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There are many relationships in the British Royal family which have been talked about over and over again. However, one of the most scandalous relationships seems to be the one of Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. The couple seemed head over heels for one another when they got married in 1986. Nevertheless, they soon ended their romance and by 1996, they were officially divorced. Here is the love story of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

How Did the Couple Meet?

Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson

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Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson first met when they were in their ’20s. They have been seeing each other on several various royal events. Duchess Sarah Ferguson used to be good friends with Princess Diana at the time. However, they were dating other people back then and it took some time until they have seen each other in a romantic way.

Princess Diana was the Matchmaker


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The romance between Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson began at one dinner party in 1985. Princess Diana thought that they would make a great couple. Hence, she asked the Queen to extend an invitation for one of their events to Fergie. Moreover, she placed them to be seated across from one another and that’s when the romance began.

Their Engagement

Royal Engagement

Prince Andrew with Sarah Ferguson at Buckingham Palace after the announcement of their engagement, London, 17th March 1986. Ferguson’s white and yellow gold engagement ring features a Burma ruby, surrounded by ten drop-diamonds. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

After just six months of dating, Prince Andrew proposed to Duchess Sarah Ferguson. He got down on one knee on his 26th birthday, on February 19, 1986. He proposed to the Duchess on the same spot where they first kissed. Prince Andrew designed the engagement ring, which contained ten diamonds surrounding a Burmese ruby.

Their Wedding

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew

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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding took place on July 23, 1986, at London’s Westminster Abbey. Duchess Sarah Ferguson wore an embroidered ivory silk wedding dress, which was designed by Lindka Cierach. The dress was accompanied with a 20-foot veil which was draped under her diamond and platinum tiara. The wedding was very popular and was watched by over 500 million people from all over the world. The couple shared their first kiss as newlyweds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of 100,000 people.

Their Divorce

Source: Hello Magazine

Even though Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson seemed very happy at first, their happiness and marriage was short lived. Duchess Sarah Ferguson soon realized that the Royal life was nothing like she expected as Prince Andrew, an active officer in the navy, was always away from home. They had two children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Allegedly the couple saw each other for about 40 days each year. So, Duchess Sarah Ferguson looked for some freedom and happiness away from home and found it in the oil tycoon, John Bryan. In 1992, the lovers were photographed together and the pictures showed Fergie topless with Bryan sucking her toes. These photos were the reason for the divorce. Even though Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson got divorced in 1996, they can be still seen together every now and then.


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