Queen Elizabeth wrote a shocking letter after Princess Diana Died

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Princess Diana was loved by everybody. Her husband Prince Charles loved her, and his mother Queen Elizabeth II loved her too. The queen was satisfied with the choice of his son, but it didn’t last that long. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana developed a difficult relationship, and it was no secret. Also, her relationship with her husband Prince Charles became difficult as well.

They’ve ended their marriage in 1996 with a divorce, but their relationship was doomed long before that. But despite everything the Queen was the one that was the most brokenhearted when Princess Diana died in a tragical car accident in August 1997. She even wrote a very shocking letter to her friend after the death of Princess Diana.

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What was the letter about?

Not only England and the royal family, but the whole world was in a shock when Princess Diana died in a car crash that August 1997. Everyone was sending flowers and cards offering their condolences, to the Buckingham Palace. But the royal family was silent. They’ve left London because they were trying to hide Prince William and Prince Harry from the media and all the drama, and they were trying to console the boys. They weren’t communicating with the public, and everybody deeply criticized Queen Elizabeth for that.

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But the truth was that Queen was very sad and in shock because of the death of Princess Diana. She wrote a letter to her friend, Lady Henriette Abel Smith, six days after the death of Lady D. She said in the letter:

“It was indeed dreadfully sad, and she is a huge loss to the country. But the public reaction to her death and the service in the Abbey seem to have united people round the world in a rather inspiring way. William and Harry have been so brave, and I am very proud of them. Emotions are still so mixed up, but we have all been through a very bad experience!”

Queen Elizabeth II also had a public announcement about Princess Diana’s death

The Queen didn’t say anything to the public, until the evening before the funeral of Princess Diana, that was held on September 6th, 1997. The Queen went on a live broadcast and she said that Diana was an exceptional and gifted human being. That she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, even in the bad times, and that she inspired others with her warmth and kindness.

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What was the relationship between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth like?

Firstly, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II were two very special women, but they were totally different. And they didn’t agree on many things. The Queen never liked the way Princess Diana spoke about her discomfort as a member of the royal family. She also didn’t like how the things turned to be in the relationship with her son Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She didn’t like many things and she didn’t approve many things as well, but in the end she did love Princess Diana and she understood her.

She understood the struggle that Princess Diana had, the pain that she was suffering in a difficult marriage. She also understood that her son also wasn’t a saint. She respected Diana and the effort she was giving to continue a relationship with her ex-husband after their divorce. She knew she was doing her best and that she wanted the best for her children, Prince William, and Prince Harry. That’s why she allowed Princess Diana to live at Kensington Palace, she also allowed her to continue with all her royal duties and even to keep her Royal Highness title.

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