What awaits Prince William in 2019, According to an Astrologist?

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Unfortunately, there does not exist a written manual for being the future king of England. Prince William will therefore have to find his own way in this life endeavor. However, according to an astrologer Venus & Vesta, some predictions can be made. According to these claims, he will quietly develop himself, learn all of the ropes, and even take some lessons to prepare himself. Read on to find out what else Venus & Vesta says about the astrological chart of Prince William for the year.

Sudden change


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Jupiter, as the planet in charge of expansion and learning, will encourage Prince William to start preparing more for his royal future and help him speed up some strategic moves. During 2019, he will accept a greater part of work and obligations from Her Majesty the Queen. This move of his is in connection with the move by Uranus into Taurus, which will in turn affects both the Queen, and Prince Charles, in early March of the current year. Uranus is the planet that exhibits and shows sudden change in people, and the prince will feel a sudden change in his home. He will probably receive a mission to establish some new supportive structures, or even a completely new and different household. Another possibility is additional staff that would help him with throughout the day, allowing more time for his royal work.

It is worth mentioning that Prince William is everything that you would expect from a typical Cancer sun sign Prince. He was born mere minutes after a new moon, and in the sign of the crab. This means he is a genuine people person, and a terrific family man. What is more, he is supposed to be quite a softy. In 2019, the North Node destiny point is travelling through Cancer. This will make William use his empathetic nature, so he will become more emotionally connected to his colleagues and staff, as well as the wider public. Expect the Prince to shed away some of his shyness, and to realizing his conscientiousness and sincerity are some of his best qualities. This is what most people want from him, and it will surely make him feel happier and more useful.

Sensitive soul

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The Duke of Cambridge is famously a fun and an adventure-loving father. However, a move by the healing planet Chiron into Aries in 2019 means that more sensitive areas in the chart will come out, those connected with his own childhood. In turn, expect him to be much more protective of his children than an average father this year. Aries is known to rule the head, so this planetary move also inspires William to increase the support he gives to mental health issues. Expect the Prince to work with charities and campaigns more to that aim. He will lead the charge in this department, and volunteer to share his own experiences in order to inform the people on some new ideas, while promoting causes closest to his heart.

Perfect match

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When it comes to the horoscope of his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is the perfect match for Prince William, as if they were the opposites of the same coin. Therefore, when the Cancer and Capricorn eclipses take place in July and December, both royals will have a challenge to make some big changes to both of their lives. Capricorn Kate is a very powerful support for William. While Saturn moves through the Capricorn, which is a pertinent point in the horoscope of the Prince, both might build more idealized roles, a potential break with tradition. This comes as more profe that the pair will have to overcome the huge challenge of creating a monarchy of the future in 2019. What this means is a potential restyling of some rather outdated policies and practices, in favor of them being more relevant and rewarding.

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